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Next Generation Live App-to-App Audio Routing

Introducing: Audiobus 3

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We're frankly a bit blown away by how solidly Audiobus accomplishes what it sets out to do. &
Audiobus input

Send audio from an app...

a synth, a microphone, a drum machine, an instrument app, a sequencer, a radio receiver, a sampler, a voice processor...
Audiobus filter

...Filter it through another...

a delay processor, a bitcrusher, a reverb unit, a virtual guitar amp, an auto-tuner, a pitch shifter, a vocoder, a phaser...
Audiobus output

...Receive it in another. Live.

a DAW, a multi-track recorder, a looper, a field recorder, a broad-caster, a DJ mixer, a visualizer, a beat detector...
[Audiobus] finally helps you make sense of your collection of apps. They make each other more powerful, rather than just crowding space on the app screen and competing with one another. Peter Kirn, Create Digital Music
It's what so many iOS music makers want: to be able to use multiple apps at the same time, mixing together the audio from each of them into a single project.
This is SO GOOD it will make your head spin. Derek Buddemeyer, producer
Audiobus is about to make audio on iOS a lot more interesting. James Lewin,
This sort of technology gets every developer excited. This is a new frontier... Tim Webb,
This is the coolest and most ambitious thing anyone's done with iOS music so far. And I'm tempted to even leave off the "music" part there. Art Kerns, Synthetic Bits